The Most Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Modern SharePoint Site

Introduction: As your business grows, it’s important to keep your sites up to date. But what if you don’t have enough time or resources? That’s where a modern SharePoint site comes in. With this guide, you can create a site that meets the needs of your business—and more. You can customize it to take advantage of the latest technologies, and get started in minutes.

What is SharePoint?

A SharePoint site is a collection of web pages that are built together to form a single, unified online presence. Sites can be located in different locations, and they can be used by different types of organizations. They can also contain content that is owned by other entities, such as books or articles.

What is a Site Collection?

A Site Collection is an organizational unit within a SharePoint site that contains one or more sites. A Site Collection can be used to store data, including files and folders, and it can be used to manage access permissions for those files and folders.

What is a Site?

A site is the centerpiece of a SharePoint site collection. It contains all the pages associated with that site collection and it’s the only place you’ll see them live (unless you create additional sites in your collection). A site also has global permissions for all its pages, meaning anyone on any device can access them without needing authentication or permission from someone else on the same system.

How to Create a New SharePoint Site.

To create a new SharePoint site, you first need to create a default site. These is the sites where all your fields and settings will be stored. To do this, open Sites -> My Sites -> Default and click on the New Site button.

Choose the Site Type.

You can choose to create a traditional website or an e-commerce site. The e-commerce site will require you to set up an account with a Shopify store and generate an order form. You’ll then be able to submit that order form to our online purchasing system and receive your product(s). The traditional website will look just like the one you are used to on your computer. You can use the same web address, logos, Stylesheets, Images, etc., as you would on your website.

Set Up the Site Initialization.

After you have chosen your site type, next you must set up initialize the site for use by SharePoint. To do this, open Sites -> My Sites -> Default -> Settings and click on Web Application Initialization (under General Settings). In this setting, you will need to provide information about how SharePoint will connect to your Shopify store and generate orders for you! You can also choose whether or not to add a login container for users who don’t already have an account with Shopify. We recommend adding this so that users can log in and start working immediately after creating their site!

Tips for Creating a Good SharePoint Site.

When creating a new SharePoint site, use common web design standards to make it easier to navigate and find information. For example, using a grid layout or using colors that are easy to remember. You can also use custom fields to add extra convenience and personalization to your sites.

Use Custom Fields.

Custom fields are an essential part of any modern SharePoint site. They allow you to add extra functionality and productiveness to your content by allowing you to store data in custom fields. By adding your custom fields, you can create complex information structures that are difficult or impossible for others to access without special knowledge or tools. Subsection 3.3 Use Forms.

Forms are another important part of a good SharePoint site. By using forms, you can easily manage and submit orders, create surveys, and more from your site without having to go through the hassle of inputting everything manually. Section 4 Use Graphics.

Graphics help style your pages and improve readability by adding color, graphics, or motion graphics to your content. By including high-quality graphics on your pages, you can make them appear to stand out from the rest of your website while still being easy to use.


When creating a new SharePoint site, it’s important to use standards and use custom fields for the best results. Use forms to gather data and graphics to add excitement and interest to your site. Always make sure that your site is easy to navigate and enjoy using.

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